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November 4th, 2003

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09:08 pm - The perfect low carb snack
YUM! I've found a great snack for those of you who are on low carb diets: Cheese Chips! They sell something like this at Central Market ( a chi-chi grocery store here in TX) for $4 a bag. A tiny bag. However they are so easy to make.

Cover a cookie sheet with foil and then spray with non-stick cooking spray. Place little mounds (maybe 1/2" across) of Asiago cheese on the sheet, evenly spaced out. Place this in the oven under the broiler until they turn a nice crispy brown. When they cool off they'll be crispy, salty low carb munchies that Dr. Atkins would appreciate. Even if you're not on a diet these are delicious! Try it!
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The perfect low carb snack - hungry munching whores

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