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January 17th, 2004

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11:31 pm - It's a Culinary Orgy!
I finally got my Empire Red Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer! Woohoo! It's beautiful! I can't wait to use it, Atkins Diet be damned! It's beautiful, red and shiny and I'm ridiculously excited to have it! OK, just thought I'd share.

In addition to my pride and joy (My Empire Red Stand Mixer) I also bought Vatch's Southeast Asian Cookbook recommended by none other than Nigella Lawson (anther crush of mine). Here's a pic of the Domestic Goddess:


Leave it to me to lust after cooks and chefs! But seriously folks, is she not a total hottie?

My other culinary lust puppy would be this cute boy: . Hmmm...they're both Brits. I see a trend.

Anyway, I'm torn as to which I want to do. Make something yummy in my mixer or whip up a batch of tom yam gai (chicken and lemon grass soup) for tomorrow. Decisions decisions. Oh that all life's decisions were this pleasant.
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It's a Culinary Orgy! - hungry munching whores

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